Expo Event

Maxway expo goes through Pre-expo Promotion, Expo-day Management and Post-expo Followup.

Pre-expo Promotion

3 expos each year are the biggest events for Maxway Education and are the main channels for Maxway to introduce our partner schools to prospective families in Hong Kong and Southern China.  


Maxway applies multi-marketing strategies 2 months prior to expo.  Maxway builds expo web site, sends eDMs, does mass outdoor and Internet marketing.  See Here


Maxway also grooms prospective families by putting up pre and post expo seminars that align with the types of schools that participate in expo.   

 Expo-day Management

—A: Registration Rundown

All walk-in or pre-registered families will go through expo registration counter at front door of Expo Venue.


All families attended expo are registered in Maxway’s database and be given a unique number written on a label stick on the client’s shirt.


Expo school representatives just record the unique number on sign up sheet on their desk and Maxway will be able to match records of contact information of the person that attended your booth.  The visitor does not have to repeatedly write their email contact for every booth he / she visits.  So, our simple registration system makes it convenient for you and for the families.  


Most Importantly, each school will receive contact information and follow up report of each of their sign ups collected from the expo.

—B: Chinese Flyer

Maxway summarizes an A4 black and white Chinese flyer that contains frequently asked information from parents (fees, admission requirements, location, demographics, etc.).


The format of such flyer is standardized for all expo participating schools.  Therefore, the flyer will make it easier for families to compare all the information they collected. The flyer will be on your desk on expo day. You could check two English-version school flyers for your reference: 



Post-expo Followup

Four post-expo steps Maxway applies to promote expo schools:  

  1. Straighten out which family signed up for what booth;

  2. Call families to follow up and Maxway prioritizes its follow up based on families’ intended study abroad date; 

  3. Maxway runs post expo themed seminar to highlight attributes of the types of schools that were presented at expo; 

  4. After a month of follow up, Maxway will send report to expo schools with contact of families signed up at its booth and follow up results


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