EXPO Detail

Maxway chooses to host education expo in March, July and November targeting prospective families with different attributes.


For November expo, you will meet well planned parents that tend to look at education in a more holistic manner. These families tend to take more time to research and to ask questions and will not make decision soon. So, November expo is a seeding time for post-secondary and high schools. Families may show up:200 


For July expo, Maxway chooses her expo on the day of all Hong Kong students receiving their public exam results for university as there are a bulk of the market chooses to decide whether they would go study abroad on that said date. The market will be hyper competitive and very fast pace in July, suitable for foundations, pathways, community colleges that have streamlined process in generating offers for September intake and very clear and flexible admission standards for oversea students. Families may show up: 70-80


For March expo,  this passes the prime time of top boarding high school recruitment but there is still a significant portion of prospective family still looking for study abroad options other than top boarding schools. March expo is only for high schools and the usually targeted expos get very focused clients that are ready commit. Families may show up: 80-100


1) 50% surcharge applies to Maxway Education's NON-PARTNER Schools (i.e. schools that do not have an establish working relationship with Maxway Education);

2) Translator and Internet at Expo venue requires additional charges and see online registration form;

* Maxway can issue invoice in your currency based on the exchange rate at time of invoice issuance;


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